Training and Developing in the new, post Covid-19 World

Covid-19 has and will continue to have, a significant impact on all things sporting which brings new challenges to Athletes. Maintaining the motivation, the techniques and the focus can be difficult when the opportunities for such activities are reduced.

Some will invest in online training apps, others will buy new equipment just to keep their physical fitness, but how do you keep your mental discipline? For me it is about removing the daily clutter from your mind and to help with that I keep statistics of every exercise I undertake. Having statistics there before you at the start of a session provides a focus. Whether you decide to do a few more reps, add more weight, increase time or look to beat previous results within given time frames is irrelevant. What is important is that you train with a purpose. All too often, we go through the motions without paying due care and attention to what we are doing. A good example of this is how any music you listen to may change your exercise rate through the beat in that song or songs.

Whilst today we find ourselves in less than ideal training circumstances, with few or no actual competitions available, we can still focus ourselves on making small, positive changes each and every time we decide to train.

Keep that focus guys and you will come back stronger, fitter, faster and more resilient than ever before, if that is what you choose.