Focusing the mind

Does your enthusiasm, technical knowledge and dedication not work with all your Competitor’s despite their obvious talent?

So many people need coaches, from beginners to elite performers, young and old, disabled and able-bodied, male and female, the list is indeed a long one. Is it no wonder that sometimes you cannot find the right way to communicate with all your Competitor’s? This is where we can help.

The increased stress of competitions can cause competitors to react both physically and mentally in a manner that can negatively affect their performance abilities. They may become tense, their heart rates race, they break into a cold sweat, they worry about the outcome of the competition, they find it hard to concentrate on the task in hand.

This has led coaches to take an increasing interest in the field of sport psychology and in particular in the area of competetive anxiety. That interest has focused on techniques that competitors can use in the competitive situation to maintain control and optimise their performance. Once learned, these techniques allow the competitor to relax and to focus his/her attention in a positive manner on the task of preparing for and participating in competition.

By using the powerful tools at our disposal, we can understand your Competitor’s though processes, how they store and recall information, what motivates and de-motivates them and how you could get the best from them.


Many misconceptions still exist about Sport Psychology that stops the use of these tools by the average Competitor. We do not work solely on relaxation or imagine a perfect performance, but utilise the Competitor’s own understandings to improve their performance time and again.

We help the Competitor by working with what they have now and channelling even more of their internal resources into more beneficial ways to improve their performance. In most cases, a well motivated Competitor with reasonable psychological resources can address small and many large problems in a relatively short time, sometimes in a single session. We use video analysis to review performances for opportunities to do things even better in the future.
The Competitor is more important to us than creating a dependence on our services, so we do not take extended amounts of time to help the Competitor.

Our Client’s are always in control of the relationship with us, so time spent together is at their request.

Please Note
We will work with you as a coach, trainer or teacher, however the Competitor’s right to confidentiality will always be protected

Focusing the mind
Focusing the mind