Privacy Pledge

We undertake to;

    • provide service to clients solely in those areas in which we are competent to do so and for which we carry relevant professional indemnity insurance.


    • maintain strict confidentiality within the client/Professional relationship, always provided that such confidentiality is neither inconsistent with the safety of the client’s family members or other members of the public nor in contravention of the laws of the land.


    • ensure that client notes and records be kept secure and confidential.


    • obtain written permission from the client (or if appropriate, the client’s parent/s or legal guardian/s) before either recording client sessions or discussing undisguised cases with any person whatsoever. (“Recording” in this context means any method other than the usual taking of written case notes. “Undisguised” in this context means cases in which material has not been sufficiently altered in order to offer reasonable anonymity to all relevant parties). With particular reference to the use of CCTV/VIDEO equipment, all clients must be fully informed when such equipment is in operation and as above, written permission must be obtained prior to the commencement of any client session.


    • not use our position of trust and confidence to exploit the client emotionally, sexually, financially or in any other way whatsoever.


    • not permit considerations of religion, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age, disability, politics or social standing to adversely influence client interactions.


    • explain fully to clients in advance of any work, the fee levels, precise terms of payment and any charges which might be imposed for non-attendance or cancelled appointments.


    • video sessions/events only with the express consent of the Client.


  • wherever possible, obtain the consent of an appropriate adult (i.e. parent or legal guardian) before conducting any work with clients who are either under the age of majority or are classified as Special needs.