Supporting Your Performance

How we can help you achieve your goals.

Do you stretch your mind as well as your muscles when training and competing? Have you invested a lot of time and effort attaining the physical attributes for your chosen sport, but now find this is not enough? How much work have you done on the mental side of your sport?

Sports Psychology has been in use by elite performers for many years and techniques are constantly evolving to cater for the modern Competitor. Sports Psychology is used to enhance relaxation, improve mental imagery, help focus on what is important at each stage, change perceptions, remove mental blockages to improved performance and set realistic goals, so why don’t you use these techniques?  Sport Performance Coaching can make the difference to you as a competitor.

Do you find yourself unable to focus on positive things, choosing to see things that could or might happen? By working with you, we can help you understand what you are doing now and how you can change your thought patterns to include positive, winning strategies.

Our services include helping you:
  • Set goals for your success and remove mental blocks.
  • Evaluate your performance in new positive ways.
  • Understand how stress and anxiety effect your performance and how you can control them.

Identifying when a competitor feels a particular emotion and understanding the reason for the feelings is an important stage of helping a competitor gain emotional control. A competitor’s ability to maintain control of their emotions in the face of adversity and remain positive is essential to successful performance.

  • Understand how winners and losers deal with both success and lack of success.
  • Increase mental preparation for competition and develop a winning attitude.
  • Increase confidence and commitment.

Confidence results from the comparison a competitor makes between the goal and their ability. The competitor will have self-confidence if they believe they can achieve their goal. When a competitor has self confidence they will tend to: persevere even when things are not going to plan, show enthusiasm, be positive in their approach and take their share of the responsibility in success and fail.

  • Concentrate and maintain focus on what is important to you at any time.

Concentration is the mental quality to focus on the task in hand. If the competitor lacks concentration then their abilities will not be effectively or efficiently applied to the task. Common distractions are: anxiety, mistakes, fatigue, weather, public announcements, coach, manager, opponent, negative thoughts etc.

  • Understand what is stopping you achieving your goals and change your strategy
  • Develop your new winning strategies and behaviours
  • Biometric video analysis of your performances

Please feel free to download the document listed below.

The exercises included are “generic”, not specific to your individual needs as a competitor, but will give you an insight into how you can control your sporting performance.

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