Gary Diplock MPNLP, NRH, Dip.Sports.Psychol


BabeM4SAs a Member of the Association for NLP and an affiliate Member of BASES (the British Association of Sports and Exercise Sciences), Gary has access to the latest sporting performance information and research which he combines with many techniques including Sports Performance Coaching and NLP, helping his Client’s obtain unique insights into their behaviour and attitudes. He believe that “the Client comes first”, with most Client’s come via “word of mouth”, rather than through advertising.

Working with “what the Client brings”, rather than focusing on “perfect performances” or on teaching relaxation techniques alone, preferring to develop the inherent skills each Client has, using their knowledge and experience. Even the most negative aspects and attitudes can be re-focused for beneficial, worthwhile and progressive goals.

Gary travels throughout the UK, to gain knowledge of the latest techniques and to meet clients competing in many different sports, from Professional to Amateur, all ages and abilities, able bodied and disabled.  Gary also supports Clients across the world in their chosen sports, using modern technology to remove communication boundaries like Skype, email, FaceTime and of course Telephony.

Gary rides horses regularly, receiving tuition from Grand Prix level Instructors/competitors on a variety of horses rather than concentrating on a single partnership.  This keeps a focus on the learning process that helps to inform Clients when they have forgotten “how” to learn and make changes.

“It is a fantastic feeling each time a Client achieves another step towards their Goals, however my Clients success is just that, their success.”


“Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to become the best that you are capable of becoming.” – John Wooden