Group Session


A group session given to a maximum audience of 10 Competitor’s, will general take between 1 hrs to 2hrs dependant on brief received and agreed in advance of the scheduled session. Timings will vary dependant on the amount of interaction that occurs. We include practical, group participation and individual exercises along with handouts for each candidate. The presentations can be designed for Competitor’s and their Support group (eg horse rider, groom(s) and owner – Competitor’s, coach(s), Parents/Guardians/influential others). We can also, upon request from the Client, provide an analysis of the current framework/situation based on observations at key events (during training, at events etc) and produce recommendations for “doing things even better”, which may just be the key you have been looking for.

Recent events to groups of young sport participants have included:

  • “The Power of Words”, motivational self-talk and the removal of negative self-talk
  • “Effective Goal Setting”, how to identify realistic, progressive and worthwhile goals. Differentiating “dreams” from “goals”
  • “Mental tips and training”, utilisation of the sub-conscious mind to positive effect

Please Note
During group sessions, it is not possible to cater for individual Athlete specific requirements and would suggest that a one to one session would be more appropriate.