Identification of Opportunities

When I start working with a new Client, a lot of time is spent getting to know the client, how they think, understanding their vocabulary, their drivers and motivations.  This is a key steps to ensuring there are no misunderstandings in the language we use to communicate between ourselves.  Far too often, we all make assumptions about the words we hear, basing our understanding on our own thoughts, emotions and understandings which will inevitably be a different model from that used by the Client.

A simple example for you, ask a group of friends to give you their understanding of the word Pane/Pain but do not clarify how you are using the word or the context, just a random, “ok, give me your definition of the word…..”.  It is highly unlikely that you will be asked a context.  Each friend will make an assumption based on their understanding, or any context gained from the previous conversations.  Without checking on the context and meaning of the words we hear, is it no wonder there are so many disagreements?