2017, a New Year of Opportunities

On this first Monday of 2017, it is worth considering if you have completed all those things you started out to do in 2016.  Things like;

  1. reviewing your goals and the measures you applied, where they appropriate and actually measures?
  2. review your training plans, are they still fit for purpose?
  3. review your skills, do you need to find extra help or resources? &
  4. review your financial plan, is it still valid?

Once you complete the review of 2016, then you can adjust or redefine those elements that did not work for you in 2016.  Goals MUST be reviewed regularly if they are going to be able to focus you on exactly what you need to focus on.

Be honest with yourself guys and make the time and effort taken to complete your goals and plans help get you to where you want to go

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